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Juniper Associate Certifications

Juniper Certifications in Network Security recognised worldwide that sets a network engineer apart from the crowd and gives a distinctive credibility to the knowledge and caliber of high expertise.

J.C. Gracomm international, the world leader in Network Technology Training, having the largest Lab Training Infrastructure delivered the most number of Network Engineers holding highest level of expertise, now announces Juniper Certification Training. Now the students can benefit with the training, unmatched lab practice environment available nowhere else, and fulfill their aspirations for Juniper Certifications.

The Juniper Networks Certification Program offers you a number of compelling benefits that increase your visibility in the marketplace, access to high-level learning opportunities, ability to manage Juniper Networks technologies, and deliver on the promise of very large and complex Networks.

Juniper Network Certification Training Process

Step 1: Choose your Track

The Juniper Networks Certification Program features three Junos OS based tracks (Service Provider Routing and Switching, Enterprise Routing and Switching, and Security) as well as a number of product specific tracks allowing you to choose a track that meets your career goals

Step 2: Prepare for your exam

Each exam offers different preparation materials but will usually consist of a mix of formal training recommendations, free self-paced training and/or study guides, practice exams, and software documentation references. You can purchase courseware for our training courses

Step 3: Register to take your exam

Written exams (multiple choices) are available at Prometric testing centers throughout the world. Lab exams (for Professional and Expert-level credentials) are available through Juniper Networks at designated facilities

Step 4: Visit CertManager to manage your credentials

CertManager allows you to track your credentials and download logos for use on profiles, business cards, etc. CertManager also includes links to the Education Learning Management System where you can print out Associate and Specialist levels certificates upon passing the exam